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S. , and Lee, T. H. 2016, December. Health care needs real competition and every stakeholder has a role. Harvard Business Review, 76 87. Authors Last Name, Initials. Publication Year, Month Day. Title of article. Name of Magazine, volume issue, pp pp. http:// Clay, R.

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It's a pretty big limitation in the grand scheme of things. Don't read too much into the study, this was done on "OLDER" severly obese patients. If they had the surgery when they were older then most of the damage has already been done. Also although they may not live longer, they have a much better chance of living better and with less need for other surgeries and medications due to ailments brought about by obesity. So in the end the surgery may save money. THANK YOU!You are among the few that actually read the article. This study is not indicative of all age groups and genders, and it is just one study. I'd want to see more research, including more longitudinal studies, before I would take all of this to heart. The problem with this study is that it drew conclusions by looking at "similar patients". What makes a person similar?Are we comparing them in their pre surgery health and matching them to diabetic, heart disease counterparts?Or are we comparing them to the general population?In other words, why are they measuring success by comparing with PATIENTS the definition of which implies he has a health problem?Here's the reality: these things save lives. I've known at least 6 people who were morbidly obese, got the surgery, and returned to functional life.

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The Court has pointed out that if various sections and classes of the Hindus were to be regarded as 'minorities' under art. 301, then the Hindus would be divided into numerous sections and classes and cease to be a majority any longer. The sections of one religion cannot constitute religious minorities. The term 'minority based on religion' should be restricted only to those religious minorities, e. g. Muslims, Christians, Jains, Buddists, Sikhs, etc. , which have kept their identity separate from the majority, namely, the Hindus. c Establish And Administer Article 301 postulate that the religious community will have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice meaning thereby that where a religious minority establishes an educational institution, it will have the right to administer that. The right to administer has been given to the minority, so that it can mould the institution as it thinks fit, and in accordance with its ideas of how the interest of the community in general, and the institution in particular, will be best served. For purpose of article 301, even a single philanthropic individual from the concerned minority can found the institution with his own means. A minority institution may impart general secular education; it need not confine itself only to the teaching of minority language, culture or religion.

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In this framework, a shift in consumer opinion over time is incorporated into the analysis of the data. While previous works have focused on static points of view, this paper effectively studies rating effects over a longer period. Data was provided by an online e commerce website similar to Amazon. Purchasing information came from 10 major product categories, and was very specific Ho et al. , 2017. Specific data was gathered between March 2006 and November 2011 and included:The most essential finding applicable to the goal of the study are the fact that a consumer is more likely leave a review when the disconfirmation is more severe; the sign of the rating positive or negative depends on the sign of disconfirmation see Figure 2. Key moderating factors are that the disconfirmation effect is attenuated by an increased period of time between purchase and receipt, and that dissension in evaluations among peers accentuates the disconfirmation effect Ho et al. , 2017. The authors outline some actionable strategies resulting from the aforementioned findings. Firstly, managers should ensure quick order fulfilment. Consumers contribute more positive reviews when products are received quicker, so more eWOM van be achieved through efficient order fulfilment.

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Only a suitor who beat her in a foot race could marry her. Those suitors who lost to her would be put to death. Many suitors raced her and lost their lives. But one suitorHippomenesfigured out how to beat her. He appealed to Venus who gave him three golden apples. As Atalanta passed him, he threw an apple ahead of her, repeating this action until all the apples were gone. Atalanta either must have really liked this guy or just wanted to indulge a hearty appetite because she stopped to munch on the golden apples all three times they were thrown. Thus, her time was slowed, enabling Hippomenes to finish ahead of her and claim her as his bride. Moving on to the exterior, the sedan had a low slung profile with good stability and a low center of gravity. The front windshield curved at the bottom to match the rounded hood line. A prominent, deep and narrow radiator was surrounded by a polished nickel radiator shell and flanked by chrome plated, two beam acorn headlamps.

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