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I'm scared to death to even try them!I just think the natural and holistic approaches have got be the better answer. Guess we have to read what the physicians and experts have to say and then make a decision and go for it. for me, I'm siding with the natural approaches. I really appreciate everyone's input on this site. Hello all,I am currently now second month using the Bone Grow system as well for my Osteoporosis I couldn't stomach the idea of yet another prescription after Chemotherapy, Breast Reconstruction, etc. After researching Actonel, Boniva there is no way I am going to take that poison!I read that the guarantee requires a WHOLE BODY DEXA scan before starting and another one after being on the supplement. Has anyone here ever had a whole body DEXA?Isn't that something that most doctors would not order to diagonse osteoporosis?What does the equipment look like, and is it different from the equipment that is used to scan the femur and lumbar spine?What would a person have to go through to get two whole body scans?Would any insurance pay for such a scan to diagonse osteoporosis?How much would the whole body scan cost?Why doesn't Jordan Rubin's company Garden of Life accept the typical two location scan for their guarantee?Have the MD proponents of strontium conducted research to determine a reliable conversion factor to correct for the falsely increased density reading given by DEXA due to the presence of supplemental strontium in the bones?Does Garden of Life instruct customers that a certain percentage of apparent density gain shown by DEXA will be an artifact of the scan and not actual bone density increase?Do they tell customers that their second scan will have to show a density increase that is above this amount in order for the product to have increased bone density?Most importantly, how much income does the company's marketing team project from this DEXA advertising technique, compared to the projected loss due to a few customers actually obtaining and submitting two full body DEXA scans in which there is zero density increase in the second scan, or, more fairly, no increase above the false increase that is shown on a second scan due to the new presence of strontium in the bones?Before readers assume that I am against the use of strontium, I do use strontium citrate and wish that there would be a conversion factor to adjust the scan results. In the absence of such a thing, I and my doctor will just have to muddle through, and I am not even sure if he knows about this even though he has recommended strontium on the recommendation of Dr. Jonathan Wright. I contacted Dr. Wright's clinic and learned that he has no exact conversion factor, at least that he will divulge.

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Valentines Cup CakesPurchase a box of devils food cake mix or your favorite flavor and prepare according to package directions. Line muffin tins with paper liners and pour enough batter in each to fill to about 1/3 full. Bake according to cake mix directions. When they are cool, dust them with powdered sugar, or frost them and sprinkle with red hot candy hearts. Valentines Day CakeBake any flavor cake in a heart shaped cake form. Let cook and cut in half horizontally. Mix a few drops of red food coloring into a container of whipped topping, and spread some on the bottom layer of the cake. Add the top layer and frost the entire outside of the cake. Top with fresh berries. Chocolate LollipopsGet some heart shaped lollipop molds. Melt milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate quality chocolate chips work great.

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On March 12 of last year my mother informed my brother and I that she had cancer. You 39 ll discover lines on life pain depression melancholia loneliness death crying friendship relationships happiness with great images There are numerous types of essays you get to write in high school and college. Blog Posts or Essays Rewriting. Miyagi can help Actors Ralph Macchio left and Pat Morita on the set of The Karate Kid II in Kahaluu Hawaii in 1985. Feb 06 2020 An autobiographical essay is just an essay about something you experienced. Jan 23 2020 While the essay is descriptive it doesn t try to get fancy with overly flowery language or unnecessarily long SAT words.

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In this study, wheel slip, defined as the difference between both speeds of vehicular transition and wheel rotation, was used to detect road slipperiness. Three types of experiment cars were repeatedly driven on snowy and dry surfaces to obtain wheel slip data. Three approaches, including regression analysis, support vector machine SVM, and deep learning, were explored to categorize into two states slippery or non slippery. Results indicated that a deep learning model resulted in the best performance with accuracy of 0. 972, only where sufficient data were obtained. SVM models universally showed good performance, with average accuracy of 0. 965, regardless of sample size. The proposed models can be applied to any connected devices including digital tachographs and on board units for cooperative ITS projects that gather wheel and transition speeds of a moving vehicle to enhance road safety in winter season though collecting followed by providing dangerous slippery spots on the road. Road slipperiness is one of the major concerns for road safety. In South Korea, 8,849 traffic accidents that caused 221 fatalities and 13,736 injuries occurred on slippery roads over the three years, which was 27% higher than on dry conditions . In the U.

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Cards Against Humanity Oct 08 2019 I to use a quick and easy minute to win it games for kids and groups. Here is a sample Bingo card. 4. Talk about a good way to tire kids out 5. If you haven t already you must check out J. This activity works best with medium sized groups of people about 15 25.

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