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We may not sell these securities until the registration statement filed with the Securitiesand Exchange Commission is effective. This prospectus is not an offer to sell these securities and is not soliciting an offerto buy these securities in any state where the offer or sale is not permitted. This is a public offeringof 1,000,000 units Units or each a Unit, each Unit consisting of one share of common stock of Nxt ID,Inc. , par value $0. 0001 per share, and one warrant to purchase one share of common stock and the shares of common stock issuablefrom time to time upon exercise of the offered warrants. This is our initialpublic offering. We are registering a total of 3,076,000 shares of our common stock. Of the shares being registered, 1,076,000are being registered for sale by the selling shareholders, and 2,000,000 are being registered for sale by the Company throughthe Units described above. The Offering is being made on a self underwritten, best efforts basis. There is no minimumnumber of shares required to be purchased by each investor and there is no minimum amount that we must sell in order to closethis Offering. Accordingly, there is no escrow being established to hold funds of investors pending a closing.

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However, other data showed more nuanced results. For instance, 54 percent of students agreed that they still had their identity while wearing a uniform, and 50 percent agreed that uniforms saved their families money. But only 41 percent of students agreed that there was less gang activity at their school after uniforms were required. However, when the researchers looked into school discipline and local police records and compared them to the prior years data, discipline referrals were down 10 percent, there were 63 percent fewer police log reports, and graffiti, fights, and gang related activity were all down. A new trend is the mounting pressure to establish dress codes for teachers. Apparently the same casual mind set toward revealing outfits is cropping up in the ranks of our teachers. The debate over uniforms in public schools encompasses many larger issues than simply what children should wear to school. It touches on issues of school improvement, freedom of expression and the culture wars. Its no wonder the debate rages on. The School Uniform Movement and What It Tells Us About American Education: A Symbolic Crusade, David Brunsma. Rowman and Littlefield Education, 2004.

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Zaks, the former assistant to E. Gintsburg in tax farming, who had moved to St. Petersburg and created the Savings and Loan Bank there; he arranged jobs for his and his wifes many relatives at the enterprises he was in charge of. Not just the economy, the entire public life had been transformed in the course of Alexandrian reforms, opening new opportunities for mercurial Jewry. In the government resolutions permitting certain groups of Jews with higher education to enter government service, there was no restriction in regard to movement up the job ladder. With the attainment of the Full State Advisor rank, a Jew could be elevated to the status of hereditary nobility on common grounds. In 1864 the land reform began. It affected all social classes and strata. Its statute did not in any way restrict the eligibility of Jews to vote in country administrative elections or occupy elected country offices. In the course of twenty six years of the statute being in effect, Jews could be seen in many places among town councilors and in the municipal executive councils. Similarly, the judicial statutes of 1864 stipulated no restrictions for Jews.

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Note that we frequently hear from founders who want to game their vesting schedule with the same false belief that if they install a founder favorable vesting schedule, it is somehow difficult for a future investor to change it. When in reality, its just a quick amendment to one or two subsections of a founders restricted stock purchase agreement. If its not a rationale position, just because you have written it down doesnt mean its point where the negotiation should commence. If you are set on having a dual class common stock structure, you should make sure that it actually is set forth in your Certificate of Incorporation. We have seen a few companies discussing their dual class structure, when they do not have a dual class structure. In order to properly implement the dual class structure, it needs to be in your Certificate of Incorporation. And when your startup issues common stock, it needs to be very clear which class is being issued. Additionally, you should also seriously consider installing various mechanisms that convert the super voting shares the Class A to normal voting shares both optionally and automatically. Some examples of this are: i optional conversion at the option of the holder, ii automatic conversion upon the majority vote of the super voting shares and iii automatic conversion upon any transfer of the shares. In general, I wouldnt recommend as a default that startups implement the dual class common stock structure. If you have leverage, youll be able to install it at a later date.

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