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There are both print based and Internet based resources that provide information about scanning, preservation, This is a rapidly developing area of technology that continues to change every few years. " There are six books cited and reviewed, a tutorial, several background papers, a glossary, More miscellaneous and specialized relevant information is also touched on in this brief, but comprehensive site. 1588 Welsh Bible Now Onlinene of the most important books ever published in Welsh has been digitized and is now available on the National Library of Wales' Web site . The 1588 Bible, translated by Bishop William Morgan, contains 1,110 pages and is the first complete Welsh language version of the Bible. Its printing produced a far reaching effect on Wales and its citizens, and proved instrumental in the establishment of loyalty to the Protestant Church of England in Wales. "When the Bible was originally published it marked a revolution in the status of the Welsh language," says Lyn L wis Dafis, the library's metadata manager.

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Cornell University Law School ud. a Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co. , Available from: . Cornell University Law School ud. b New York Times v.

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Our justice system depends on citizens faith in the independence of judges, so even the perception of undue or unseemly pressure can destroy confidence in the judicial system. Judges should not seek to please any particular group or litigant with his/her rulings; judges must ad here to the law, said Berch, who retired from the court in 2015. This requirement is so strong that judges must rule according to law even when doing so is not popular or may cost them their jobs. City judges being co opted by political forces is a long simmering issue, both in Arizona and nationally. Seventeen states have eliminated municipal courts. Of the rest, about half have their judges elected, according to data from the National Center for State Courts. Arizona is one of about a dozen states that put the ap pointment of judges solely in the hands of the mayor and city council, and one of only about seven states that allow the city council, rather than voters, to determine whether a judge will be reappointed at the end of the first term in office. The figures are not precise because some states allow appointment and retention mechanisms to differ between cities. Technically, Arizona law allows cities to determine the method of appointment and length of terms for judges. Yuma is the only city that allows its judges to be elected by the people. In every other Arizona city, judges are appointed by the councils.

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