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Ah, yes, the end of the semester, a time of great excitement but also of great stress because theres just SO MUCH GRADING. You can do it, just hang in there!While this term is ending in a different way than those in past years, giving students good feedback on their assignments or tests is pretty similar whether youre doing it digitally or in person. To help you through this process, weve collected some resources, including both technical guides for utilizing the feedback tools in Blackboard as well as some articles highlighting best practices for giving feedback in the online environment. If we can help make it even a little easier on you, let us know!To get a good overview of how you give feedback to students in Blackboard, one of the best places to start is through our webinar on Feedback. It covers all the basics and can help you get up and running. We also have a number of Knowledge Base articles on grading and feedback related topics. Here are a few that may prove useful: Weve covered the technical aspects of feedback, so here are some pointers on giving feedback that address the nature of the feedback itself, from what makes effective feedback to how to ensure giving feedback doesnt overwhelm you. We hope weve covered most of the feedback essentials, but if you have additional resources to add or want another topic covered, let us know!Were happy to provide whatever support we can and share any ideas faculty have that may help others. The Office of Information Technology is involved with many projects that help faculty, staff and students efficiently navigate the way they learn, teach, live, and work at Saint Joseph's University. If you would like to start a project with OIT, please review our knowledge base articles and submit your request to the Project Management team. I have worked for years as a teacher and school advisor, and during that time I have developed an acute awareness of one of the least appreciated but most vital roles that teachers play: safeguarding vulnerable children.

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Number2: Permalink no it`s nothing to do with your hair?Dont stress it`s easier than you think Permalink stands for permanent link, which is a URL uniform resource locator that leads to an individual post that you make in your blog. So if you want someone to read a specific article then you can use this link to send them right there, boom bam easy as that. Number 3: Trackback When you post about someone elses blog post elsewhere, your post will show up in their trackback section. This feature is not available with some blogs and can be vitally important to getting more traffic to your websiteso make sure you check the features of the blog you choose. Ok so you know what to do, where to go and what to look for so have fun and stop by soon for part 2. Blog Brainstorming. Ill be baaacckkk. There are a few things you should know before you head out for that drink after work or that big party that you have been looking forward to. Even though you may think its only a few drinks and that you deserve to have a few you should keep these important things in mind. Scientists have researched and proven that even a small amount of alcohol will increase your strength and endurance although these benefits will be short lived. After 15 30 mins depending on the person, the problems start to arise.

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Fun but thorough. The lions share of my research needs to be on the voice Ill write in. My feeling is that the Horrible History series is very much like the voice Id like to use, so my aim is to read a number of them until I have a version of the voice that best suits my book. Ill also pursue further reading to include publications magazines, books and online fora that target the audiences Im writing for. I have a fairly good understanding of most of the groups anyway because I am that group, and many of my friends fall into the same categories, which means I just need to write with my friends in mind. Because its to be a fairly visual book, I need to source a designer/artist who can work with me.

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It doesn't mean that everything will turn to gold, said study lead author Jill Cannon, a senior policy researcher at RAND. But the evidence base is only growing stronger that if you're a policymaker and you invest in these early childhood programs, it's likely to pay off. In fact, the researchers found that returns of $2 to $4 were typical for every dollar invested in early childhood programs. That number, though, comes with an asterisk. Very few of the programs had gone through a formal cost benefit analysis, and even those that did struggled to pin dollar values on social benefits like school readiness or emotional development. Critics of government funded preschool programs often point to a phenomenon known as fadeout. Some studies have found higher test scores among children in pre K programsbut have also found those advantages fade to nothing as the children move into grade school and other students catch up. But the RAND study, like others, found that the economic and social benefits continue to pay dividends, sometimes well into adulthood. It's not all about test scores, said study coauthor and senior economist Lynn Karoly. The researchers noted that their study does have a few limitations. Many of the programs they looked at were small scale demonstration projects, serving a few hundred children at most.

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