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You will be given the opportunity to defend your thesis in every respect. The University Graduate School offers a range of support and advice for doctoral researchers who are preparing for examination. During the COVID 19 outbreak period, the Research Progress and Awards Sub Panel has approved for all viva examinations to take place by telephone/video conferencing. It is the responsibility of the internal examiner or the chairperson of the viva if no internal examiner and two external examiners have been appointed to make all the arrangements for the oral examination. You are advised to make the internal examiner aware of any dates on which it would be particularly difficult for you to be available for the oral examination. Any dates you indicate as problematic will be taken into consideration, but the day chosen will depend on the examiners availability and commitments. You will normally be given at least two week's notice of the date, time, venue and the names of those attendingIf you have a disability and have special requirements for your viva, you are advised to contact the Disability Team to discuss your needs. You must be present, together with the chairperson, internal and external examiners. Supervisors are expected to be available at the time of the viva, but not to be present. Supervisors cannot be appointed as the chairperson. The person appointed to chair your viva will be a member of academic staff with some knowledge of the subject area of your thesis in general terms, normally from your school.

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