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If you are having issues with Duo please visit our Knowledge Base article prior to submitting a ticket. The Reading and Writing Projects work reflects some core beliefs and values. One of the most important of these is that raising the level of literacy for children is an act of social justice. John Dewey, one of the founders of Teachers College, wrote: I believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform. Educators who are part of the TC community share that belief. Youll know, therefore, that teachers involvement with the Reading and Writing Project is working if your students become powerful readers and writers who read and write for real reasons to advocate for themselves and others, to deepen their own and others knowledge, to illuminate the lives they live and the world they are a part of. Our work aims to prepare kids for any reading and writing task they will face or set themselves, to turn them into life long, confident readers and writers who display agency and independence in their future endeavors. That is, our aims reach beyond state testing and fulfillment of tasks for schools. We aim to strengthen a generation of readers and writers. To achieve these goals, the Reading and Writing Project supports teachers, administrators, and school change agents with professional development, curriculum, and instructional methods. The work of the Reading and Writing Project is informed by research in all of these areas as well as the more specialized categories of literacy.

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The building of the telecentre that was built by Azerbaijani builders and specialists, jointly with the colleagues from Moscow and Leningrad was commissioned in the end of 1955. Until February 1956 pilot programmes of the Baku studio had been broadcasted from time to time. On the first day of broadcasting, a young actress Nadjiba Melikova, who will later become a well known artist of Azerbaijan, appeared on the screen. Having started with the phrase "Baku presents!, she congratulated the audience on the launch of the television, then the feature film Bakhtiyar was shown. For the absence of television professionals, in the early days, radio, newspaper and theater staff were invited for the job. There was no idea about programming, networking and modeling on television at that time.

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Groupon can make cash by trying to keep around 50 % the cash the client pays for the coupon. For illustration, an $eighty therapeutic massage could be acquired by the buyer for $forty by means of Groupon, and then Groupon and the retailer would split up the $forty. That is, the retailer provides a massage valued at $eighty and will get roughly $20 from Groupon for it under a fifty%/fifty% split up. Or, if $240 genuinely value of home portray organizations is obtained by the buyer for $fifty through Groupon, then the organization gets $25 and Groupon retains $20 five. The client will get the therapeutic massage, or the property portray support, in these examples, from the retailer for which they at first compensated $forty or $fifty to Groupon. There are certain firms to which Groupon at first did not offer its providers, such as capturing ranges and strip golf products however, capturing ranges have been highlighted on Groupon. In contrast to labeled advertising, the merchant does not pay any upfront price tag to get component: Groupon collects private info from well prepared shoppers and then contacts only people shoppers, mostly by working day to working day e mail, who may perhaps potentially be intrigued in a specified item or service. Groupon employs a big amount of copywriters who draft descriptions for the bargains showcased by e mail and on the internet site. Groupon's marketing text for the 'deals' has been witnessed as a contributing aspect to the acceptance of the world wide web web site, that includes a exclusive merge of comprehensive actuality examining and witty humor. Owing to Groupon's marketplace receiving mostly composed of girl customers, the bargains are typically concentrated on the total wellness, health and attractiveness marketplaces. There are possible issues with the organization design.

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Plal gu Ye, nagot mun pdam um dad suoy gu nang gu liko, lu gusa liko pmoti um dug. Pere nagot um, gapdam um?Gapdam um dad suoy gu sobra katdok?Igo mimo aniNiyu um bawo gu ani idog along, nun idog sa wak mun pupong du idog tingo, mun pupong gu salngad digo pupang. Mani tnalo gu ye Knuon idog pngalo en deen pa idog di tion um, niyu um dog sobra kapyo bawo gu, en moto gu salngad moto Mo, mun bu gu salngad di gu bu. Mani klingu gu, nlingu gu di pandam um, liko gu sa Ye. Lage ido Ye, Mo sobra klipay du snung un idog mago salo gami de dadto nilo un Sobra kakbal ulo gu cguro Ye mun skel um idog. Mo, tamdo idog mimo kasduo, tamdo idog mugop basketball, Mo ambat bola mun idog smalo dun. Pulong idog cguro smulat kasduo mun idog smali di dadmugop sulot. Neyu um Ye!Lu idog muti ku lu umdog pnoti!Ye, maghangyo ago digo, nang um pnuti twali gu kamdo sa bog. Stamu gami lagi Ye, en knabuhi en la salngad de knabuhi gu En knabuhi lo banle higayon. Come closer Mama. Touch me and feel the pain I have, dont be afraid Mama You shouldnt be afraid when you kill me Here, touch this Do you feel it Mama?Do you feel the pain that my young body feels?You are the one who made this right?Look at my body, now its already a shadow before it is a Zygote that turns into a fetus and further on it is a whole little baby that had the hair and heart that beats like yours.

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