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C. , installed 1,200 interactive boards in its classrooms, disciplinary incidents are way down. "Students were bored" before the touchscreens arrived, says Superintendent Joe Pye. "Trips to the principal's office are almost nonexistent now. "But for some teachers, the learning curve with the device is steep, and a generation gap has opened with teachers who are still accustomed to writing lesson plans with a pen and paper. Many older educators are "petrified" of the boards, says Peter Kornicker, a media specialist at P. S. 161 in Harlem, where despite a student poverty rate of 98 percent, all 35 classrooms are equipped with touchscreens. "As always, it comes back to the ability of teachers to leverage this technology," says Andy Rotherham of Education Sector, a Washington, D. C. based think tank.

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R. TOLKIEN AND J. K. ROWLING . Dr. Shobha Ramaswamy, M. A. , B. Ed. , DCE, M. Phil.

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Farmers also gather information by flying planes over their land. Airborne instruments are able to measure the amount of plant cover and to distinguish between crops and weeds. Using a technique called multispectral analysis, which looks at how strongly plants absorb or reflect different wavelengths of sunlight, they can discover which crops are flourishing and which not. Sensors attached to moving machinery can even take measurements on the run. For example, multispectral sensors mounted on a tractors spraying booms can estimate the nitrogen needs of crops about to be sprayed, and adjust the dose accordingly. A modern farm, then, produces data aplenty. But they need interpreting, and for that, information technology is essential. Over the past few decades large corporations have grown up to supply the needs of commercial farming, especially in the Americas and Europe. Some are equipment makers, such as John Deere. Others sell seeds or agricultural chemicals. These look like getting larger still.

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