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Our advocacy on behalf of our clients produces positive incomes for them; e. g. , better placements, educational experiences, and medical and mental health services. In addition, we are able to provide mitigating evidence on behalf of our clients in their delinquency proceedings, and assist them in completion of their conditions of probation. Some of our clients have mental health issues, have been trafficked, and/or have children of their own. Notwithstanding the challenges our clients face, the ranks of our pro bono attorneys have swelled to over 125. In 2016 alone, we represented 81 children in foster care. Our current caseload includes many complex representations. As a result, in 2016 our attorneys collectively contributed 5,556 pro bono hours representing poor children in our community. Crossroads also manages an on call Attorney ad Litem program in Delinquency Division in Hillsborough County. When children who are not in foster care arrive at a courtroom for their delinquency hearing without a parent or guardian, a Crossroads attorney will come to court to represent the child along with his/her defense counsel to ensure their understanding of the proceeding that will take place.

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