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17 After three months, the Federal Court ruled unanimously that the new law be declared void, on the grounds of violating the United States Constitution, basing their decision on the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution which guarantees the liberty of schools to teach and the right of parents to enroll their children where they wish. 18 The bill was then taken to the United States Supreme Court, who also ruled it unconstitutional, although not before Washington voters voted on Initiative 49 in 1924. The initial success of anti Catholic organizing in Oregon motivated the Klan to spread into Washington and see if similar legislation could be passed there. The leader of the Ku Klux Klan in Oregon, Luther Ivan Powell, moved to Washington in order to organize a strong Klan force in the state, declaring himself King Kleagle of Washington and Idaho. 19 Due to Powells efforts, there was an increase in Klan membership in the state and the subsequent drafting of Initiative 49, modeled after Oregons School Bill. Unlike in Oregon, in Washington, the Ku Klux Klan themselves drafted the bill and put it on the ballot; the measure was often referred to as the, K. K. K. Anti School Bill. 20Like the Oregon bill, the language of the bills presentation was deceiving, omitting the enforced closures of private schools that would occur and mentioning only the requirement of public schooling until age sixteen, exemplified in this 1924 article in the Seattle Daily Times:This is a measure initiated to the ballot by petition. It is an act compelling children between the ages of 7 and 16 years to attend public schools.

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" Von Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra und Evan Sharp gegrndete Website von Cold Brew Labs verwaltet und von einer kleinen Gruppe von Unternehmern und Investoren finanziert. XING wurde im Jahr 2003 durch 17. November 2006 OpenBC genannt geschaffen ist ein soziales Netzwerk von professionellen Bereich. Auch ist es als Online Networking Plattform, da sein Hauptzweck ist, um Kontakte zu verwalten und neue Verbindungen zwischen Fachleuten in jedem Sektor. Dieses System gehrt zur so genannten Social Software. Eine der wichtigsten Funktionen ist die Mglichkeit, das Kontaktnetzwerk angezeigt werden; zum Beispiel kann ein Benutzer durch viele, um andere Vermittler verbunden zu sehen. Es basiert auf dem Prinzip der sechs Ecken oder Phnomen der "kleinen Welt" basiert. Bietet zahlreiche Optionen fr den Kontakt, Suche nach Menschen, nach Name, Ort, Branche, Unternehmen, Interessensgebiete, etc. und umfasst Themengruppen und Foren zu den Fragen und den Austausch von Informationen oder Meinungen zu bestimmten Themen zu erhhen. Es hat auch Jobangebote, Firmenverzeichnis und einen Abschnitt zum Anzeigen und Post Veranstaltungen. Xing Entscheider und Experten fand in vielen Bereichen.

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Teachers re assess often with informal running records in independent reading novels and many schools conduct more formal running records least 3 4 times a year. Teachers closely monitor both reading volume and progress up levels. Multiple studies have found specifically that matching readers to texts supports growth in reading. For example, Ehri, Dreyer, Flugman, and Gross 2007 studied a specific tutoring program to support struggling first grade English Language Learners and after tracking the daily oral reading accuracy of the students, found that students who were tutored by a certified teacher made greater gains than students tutored by a paraprofessional and that the reading achievement of students who received tutoring appeared to be explained primarily by one aspect of their tutoring experiencereading texts at a high level of accuracy, between 98% and 100% p. 441. OConnor, Bel, Harty, Larkin, Sackor, and Zigmond 2002 found that greater fluency growth was found with struggling sixth grade readers when they were provided with texts they could read accurately versus when they were provided tutoring in the texts used in the classroom. Across groups, they found, fluency was the strongest contributor to reading comprehension p. 482. OConnor et al. concluded, Our results suggest that students with very low fluency will not improve their reading ability if they are taught with grade level materials p. 483.

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