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They are long form, but not, I am told, by any means impenetrable!In chronological order by researcher, they are:William Charles Wells, 1812lobal Warming Science In The Age Of Washington And Jefferson William Charles WellsJoseph Fourier, 1824he Science Of Global Warming In The Age Of NapoleonClaude Pouillet, 1838he Science of Global Warming in the age of Napoleon IIIThe short version of all that and more, 2010lobal Warming Science A Thumbnail HistoryI wrote quite a bit more on other matters climatic, too, but Ill leave that for anyone interested to search out or ask me about, with just a couple of exceptions:Summary review of Elizabeth Kolberts Pulitzer Prize winner on the extinction crisislizabeth Kolberts The Sixth Extinction A Summary ReviewSummary review of Mark Lynass panoramic examination of the observed and projected impacts of climate changeark Lynass Six Degrees A Summary ReviewLastly, my advice would be to network with folks in your area. Theres no substitute, IMO, for in person connections, especially when it comes to the work you want to do. Try the websites of organizations like Citizens Climate Lobby active working for a carbon tax both in the US and Canada, and notable for building relationships with legislators, 350. org and others. Try political parties with whom you may have relationships or affinities. BC is notable for having a legislator who is also a bona fide climate scientist, Andrew Weaver, of the Green Partyabout whom Ive also written. If you have any religious background or sympathy, try local churches, as quite a few these days see climate change as a matter of social justice, and may have committees active in the area. For instance, I chair such a committee at the UU Congregation of Columbia South Carolina, and were slowly making an impact, starting with our churchs composting and recycling efforts, as well as educative outreach both internal and external. Or perhaps you may have some other social affiliation which could prove relevant. And dont be afraid to talk about the issue, just in your day to day life. We all know that its not always easy, but it seems that the issue is becoming more and more top of mind, and that, IMO, is essential to further progress.

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1; 2009 8, s. 5;2011 284, s. 83a, b, c; 2019 139, s. 2. 1a. The Board shall adopt uniform policies and procedures applicableto the deposit, investment, and administration of these funds which shallassure that the receipt and expenditure of such funds is properly authorizedand that the funds are appropriately accounted for. The Board may delegateauthority, through the president, to the respective chancellors of the institutionswhen such delegation is necessary or prudent to enable the institution tofunction in a proper and expeditious manner. S. 143C 8 8 and G. S. 143C 8 9.

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They do not have to answer to their editor or publisher. They generally do not write to pay their bills; they tend to write about things that they are passionate about. They measure success in number of comments, trackbacksA mechanism used in a blog that shows a list of entries in other blogs that refer to a post on the first blog. , and traffic. To pitch effectively to bloggers, you need to understand these subtleties. There are many useful blog posts by bloggers who get pitched too often that offer guidelines for the PR industry. The effective PR hack will take note. As with journalists, building a relationship is the best way to pitch to a blogger. Remember, journalist or blogger, you are reaching out to an individual. To build a relationship, try the following:In the United States, the beauty PR industry has been noticing the power of bloggers, and some of the cosmetics houses send samples and swag an industry term for gifts to bloggers as well as journalists. Kayleen Schaefer, Beauty Blogs Come of Age: Swag, Please! New York Times, January 31, 2008, KIN.

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5 Rear mounted lighting systems shall not project a glaring or dazzling light. Idaho StatutesTITLE 49MOTOR VEHICLESCHAPTER 9VEHICLE EQUIPMENT 49 921. REAR MOUNTED ACCELERATION AND DECELERATION LIGHTING SYSTEM. 1 Every motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, truck tractor, and pole trailer used in the state may be equipped with an auxiliary lighting system consisting of:a One 1 green light to be activated when the accelerator of the motor vehicle is depressed;b Not more than two 2 amber lights to be activated when the motor vehicle is moving forward, or standing and idling, but is not under the power of the engine. 2 An auxiliary system shall not interfere with the operation of vehicle tail lamps and shall not interfere with the operation of vehicle signal lamps and signal devices. The system may operate in conjunction with tail lamps or signal lamps and signal devices.

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