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Silver jewelry is the most common type of jewelry that is used by most people especially women around the world today. In the past, Jewelry was made using precious metals and rare gems. It has gone on to play a significant part in a woman's dressing regime. So many people want to posses them. However in the recent years, silver has been used for jewelry and make a dream come true to those who jewelry but can't afford it. Because pure silver is too soft to make jewelry, sterling silver which is harder alloy is used instead. Sterling silver is 92. 5 percent of silver with 7. 5% other metals. It is almost always marked with the numbers '925. ' This is the highest quality of silver that you can buy.

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Mangaleshwari Manjari. N. M. Sc. , M. Phil. , B. Ed. , Ph. D. From financial literacy to financial well being; a studyof the level of financial literacy of women teaching facultyin educational institutions in Coimbatore regionDoctoral Dissertation .

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In India at present it is 30,000. Asian Muslims, especially Muslims of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indian, were viewed with some sort of suspicion, not only by the fellow citizens but the government also. The recent developments in Britain are the best example, where Visa norms and immigration policies were tightened. Further, the government decision to issue citizen cards, for security reasons, initially the government is planning to cover the Asians, especially Indians, is another example in this regard. Since Sep. 11, 2001 the United States has declared War against Terrorism, initially they attacked Afghanistan, then Iraq and next might be Iran or Libya, but the journey does not stopped, it seems. But the present effort, war against Islamic fundamentalist or jihadists, has proved unsuccessful. The greatest danger at present is not Al Qaeda, LeT, HuM and JI, but highly politicized form of Islam. The main root cause of terrorism is not poverty or US foreign policy, but a compelling political ideology. Terrorists were not driven by poverty or unemployment, but by radical Islamic ideology Dr. P.

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Semantic value is still a great help in providing useful class names and ids to elements, much more helpful than going purely on visual information cfr OOCSS, as they describe what component are rather than how they look. Once again I would like to give people the advise to try and html based on wireframes alone. Dont bother about the design, dont bother about js functionality. If you do it right, your html should be robust and flexible enough to match 95% of the requirements of any design or any functional requirement. You really can spend way too much time trying to generate the perfect document outline if there really is one on most web pages. I was recently working on a tab layout where each tab item was a h1, I thought perfect so each tab content is an article, but wait I have a no js version which needs the menu on each page, so now I have several h1s, hmmm so really they are sections, but I want them to be articles, frustrating. My philosophy now is not to get too bogged down in the semantics, go with what feels right and go back if necessary and time permitting, lets face it by the time the spec is ratified we will probably be on hover boardsThink about how much time Google spends trying to figure out what part is header, footer, and navigation and what part is actual content. The word Doctor Network may appear on every page but what if you want to find the page about the Doctor Network. Yes, metatags do help, but tags like , , , and are critical for machines. In my current job, we have done a good deal of page scraping. Let me tell you, markup out there is appauling!The accuracy of content indexing e.

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When the new homeowners could not make their mortgage payments, they went into default and ultimately into foreclosure. The investors who held the mortgage backed securities for those foreclosed mortgage saw their investments "tank". First, let's address your question regarding cars versus houses. Yes, it's true that cars depreciate. They lose value over time. They wear out; they become less desirable. Houses also depreciate, but not as seriously. Certain items roofs, HVAC wear out and need to be replaced. Other items become absolete. Electrical systems of houses built 40 years ago aren't as good as the ones today. The windows in older houses aren't as efficient as the ones today.

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