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One of the problems faced in utilizing this method is the number of students in the class. There should be 12 students in the class Adamson, 1997. Some people say that suggestopedia uses a hypnosis, so it has bad deep effects for human beings. Lazanov strongly denied about it. Suggestopedia class is conditioned be child like situation. There are some students who do not like to be treated like this as they think that thay are mature. Teacher will find different situation and different types of students in learning. Therefore, teacher should be creative and smart in choosing and using different types of methods in teaching different skill of language. Teacher can use suggestopedia as teaching method in their teaching. Using suggestopedia is very interesting but challenging to do. It can be seen from some considerations.

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Words are an effective way of expressing how you feel. Well go over some phrases you can use to say I am angry in Turkish and to describe your other negative emotions:Anger may cause problems if its not controlled. Unwanted words may come out of your mouth; you might even get physical with someone if youre angry enough. Therefore, its critical to control your anger so that you dont say or do anything youll regret. 1. When we get angry, our breathing speeds up.

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