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Buuuuut Im not that ahead of the curve, so instead Im staying up late to write. ;And, as we mentioned last week, you edit stand alone pages and posts in the same way, so those first 8 tips apply to both. The difference is just that to start you would choose either the Posts or Pages option on the navigation bar on your dashboard. You can click here to see last weeks post all about pages. 1. Adding new media. So, I mentioned before how to insert an image or other media directly into a blog post. Sometimes, though, you want to upload a file without just inserting it directly into your post. Just click the add new button in your media library, and then you can either browse for the file, or drag and drop into the box. 2. Making printables available on your site.

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Including how to resolve conflicts in the community, and that they should respect other peoples opinions and thoughts and avoid comments that might be seen as insulting. Also be sure to clearly lay out how students that violate the rules will be handled, and that offensive behavior will have repercussions, including a ban from the community if things get too out of hand. Since so much of online courses is reading on your own and can feel isolating, having some live events can really liven things up. This can be as simple as holding a QandA live stream for your members once a month where they can ask any questions theyve got about the course. Depending on how spread apart your students are, you might even consider holding a real life meetup once or twice a year for everyone to get together and meet in person. Your events dont necessarily even need to be directly related to the course. Maybe youll hold an online book club or general live streams to draw in other people from your niche and make them aware of your course. The more people you connect with, the better of a position youre in to continue building your following and community. Anything that gets students away from just reading PDF documents and watching pre recorded video is a good way to boost the sense of community in your course. Holding live streams to the public can be a great way to establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your field and get people familiar with you as a trusted resource. Just like asking for feedback from your students is an important part of your online community, so is providing feedback to students in return.

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