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In the seventh chapter titled "Some Transformations in English", Chomsky strictly applies his just proposed transformation based approach on some aspects of English. He treats at length the formation of English negative passive sentences, yes no and wh interrogative sentences, etc. He claims in the end that transformational analysis can describe "a wide variety of . distinct phenomena" in English grammar in a "simple", "natural" and "orderly" way. In the eighth chapter titled "The explanatory power of linguistic theory", Chomsky writes a linguistic theory cannot content itself by just generating valid grammatical sentences. It also has to account for other structural phenomena at different levels of linguistic representation.

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Christianity was banned within the Roman Empire. Alban was sentenced to death. He was taken away from city, across a river, and executed. Because he was beheaded, Alban is depicted in art carrying his head between his hands. He was buried on the hill where the present St. Albans Cathedral is situated. Over time, Albans gravesite developed a track record of miracles, particularly healing miracles. The number of pilgrims who visited his grave grew after Christianity became legal in 325. In 429, records show that St. Germanus of Auxerre visited the shrine. A cult dedicated Alban was in existence through the sixth century along with a church was formed to begin.

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If a relatively constant treatment effect on the endpoint odds ratio can be assured across disease groups, they could be combined in one study. In that case, the inclusion of v HABP, with the highest ACM, enriches the cohort and allows wider enrollment. FDA is further analyzing this issue. Baseline characteristics associated with higher ACM and/or ACM+ rates vary by study and indication, but often include older age and an elevated APACHE II score, confirming literature observations. Enriching HABP/VABP clinical studies with such patients should increase the ACM rate. The Barcelona study, conducted without commonplace registrational trial exclusions, reported the highest ACM, highlighting the potential limited generalizability of some industry trial results, as well as opportunities to increase enrollment and enrich for ACM. If the anticipated ACM rate is so low as to dictate a smaller NI margin to ensure the relative loss of efficacy at the extreme of the NI margin is not too large, then an ACM+ approach can be employed to increase the endpoint frequency. Defining SAEs and/or AEs post hoc is unacceptable. A better approach is employing the MedDRA toxic/septic shock SMQ to define the plus in an ACM+ endpoint. This endpoint could also add value as a sensitivity analysis, informing treatment effects on survivors. A weakness of the ACM endpoint is the exclusion of a majority of patients from analysis.

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